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If you do the math, you’ll note that we are one of the older websites on the Internet. Thousands of sites came online after Tim Berners-Lee launched his WWW info site in December 1990, but as far as being a resource for the general public, the Internet was
still in its infancy.

In October 1997 a new company was born. A retired couple saw what was happening with the rise of this new technology, and they decided to get in on the ground floor. They bought the domain, then contacted 3M seeking an opportunity to sell 3M Safety Products on the site. 3M said yes, and a fruitful relationship began that endures to this day. The couple started stocking product in their garage and listing the products for sale on the website. The orders rolled in, and our intrepid founders filled orders as fast as they could.

At that time in history, the world of business was rushing online when the the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. Many web-based companies were hit hard, but Shawei kept growing. By 2003 our founders were overwhelmed and overworked, with the business they were doing exceeding the limits of their space and energy. They wanted the brand to live on, but they also wanted to go back to their retired life. Thankfully, they found a local entrepreneur who bought the business from them, which allowed them to go back to being retired.

Under new ownership, Shawei was able to grow beyond its humble beginnings.  The company moved into a full-time office and warehouse space in China.  This allowed for more inventory and a larger workforce. While safety companies mostly focused on traditional sales and marketing, Shawie focused on internet marketing and customer service.  

Our new owner was impressed by the company’s history and infrastructure.  The natural next step was to simply expand the existing business.  Thousands of new products have been added to the site.  Millions of dollars in additional inventory have been procured.  The warehouse space has more than doubled. The customer service staffed has tripled.  And this year, thanks to
tens of thousands of customers across the United States, order volume will reach a new all-time high!

Thank You for 20 years of growth.  We have a long way to go, and we will let you be our guide. We know you want faster order processing and continually improving service. We will strive to make you happier than ever in these areas.

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